Wednesday, December 25, 2013

William Sanger, CEO of Envision Healthcare, and his wife Jane visit Mumbai ZHL Headquarters

Mr. William A. Sanger has more than three decades of leadership experience in the healthcare industry. From co-founding Bidon Companies in 1999 to serving as chairman of the board of Vidacare Corporation, to President and CEO of Envision Healthcare Holding, a leading American emergency services provider, Mr. Sanger has an enviable, enriching & unmatchable understanding of the healthcare sector.

On 22nd November, he visited the ZHL headquarters in Mumbai, interacting with our staff, sharing his experiences & insights and appreciating them on the phenomenal difference they are making in India’s emergency medical services and pre-hospital care sector.

We at ZHL thank Bill Sanger for his precious time & the motivational words that will stay with us for years to come.

ZHL participates in the fifth annual Khemka Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

On Saturday, December 7, 2013, ZHL CEO Sweta Mangal participated in the NASSCOM Session on the Roles and Challenges of Social Innovation in India during the fifth annual Khemka Forum on Social Entrepreneurship.

She was able to bring to the fore important issues surrounding social innovation in a well-received discussion at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. The event was a great success, both insightful and interactive, and Ms. Mangal was a key part of that triumph.

ZHL powers Junior Writer’s Bug festival as a medical partner

Weekends are always looked forward to but the 7th and 8th of December 2013 was a special one for us at ZHL. That Saturday and Sunday, we had the opportunity to participate in the Junior Writer’s Bug literary festival for children at Maharashtra Nature Park in Mumbai.
Touted as the biggest story carnival for children between 2-16 years of age, the event consisted of 70 sessions by authors, illustrators, storytellers, performers & so on. What’s more, the children could also showcase their drawing skills & participate in some fun dancing sessions much to the delight of their parents.
Ziqitza Health Care Limited supported the event as medical partner and ensured that this family day out remained stress-free and the laughter & fun continued without any untoward incidences. Epilepsy, insect bites, falls and more—our 1298 ambulance saw to it all.

As the sun set on Sunday the 8th announcing the end of the event, another good day at work came to an end for our team as the parents and children left the venue with smiles on their faces.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Now saving lives can keep you healthy

India witnessed over 2 lakh road fatalities in 2012 alone. Add to that the number of patients suffering from various other ailments and the amount of blood required for transfusions in the country becomes infinite.

Though medicine has progressed in leaps and bounds over the last few centuries, blood is still something that cannot be synthetically manufactured, and so, we as citizens must come together to save lives.

Apart from the psychological benefit of helping your fellow man, there are proven health benefits for those who donate blood:

1.  Every pint of blood donated results in burning of 650 calories.

2    2.  For those with high iron levels, drawing blood reduces the risk of heart attack.

3.  Consistent blood donation is associated with lowered risks of cancers, including liver, lung, colon, stomach and throat cancers.

4.      Free health check-ups are done to ensure that the donor is healthy.

5.      Donating blood helps to stimulate the production of new blood cells.

After donating blood, the body replaces all of the blood volume within 48 hours, and all the red blood cells within four to eight weeks.

If interested, you can get in touch with Blood Aid, which works throughout the nation to connect blood donors and patients in need.

You can sign up with them here:

Happy Life Saving J

5 reasons to drive slow on a winter night

Winters are here and who doesn’t enjoy a long drive to find that special tea & snack. But we should remember to be cautious while taking our loved ones out on a chilly winter night.

Here’s why:

1.The fog as we all knows severely affects visibility. Driving slowly gives us the extra time to take necessary measures in case of dangerous surprises.

2    2.  In India, statistics suggest that most of the fatal accidents happen during the night time (chances of an accident increases by 300% during night time). Stay alert while driving at night, which means, of course, do not drink and drive.

3    3. In big cities, fog is even denser thanks to the pollutants in the air as polluted water droplets no longer remain as translucent as normal water, making the conditions tougher than we think.

4    4.  Some people have the habit of driving with the parking lights on giving the illusion of a halted car and resulting in road tragedies. Driving slowly would allow time to manoeuvre the vehicle under such circumstances.

5    5. Our body too becomes slow to react under cold conditions. Accelerating, braking, and manoeuvring becomes more laborious than usual. Hence, driving slowly helps off-set these limitations to a great extent.
It would be best not to move on a fog-filled night unless absolutely necessary. Also, keep your vehicle well-maintained to greet the winters.

Happy a happy winter J

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Letter to the CEO

ZHL participated in the CII & SMU 2nd Edition of the Inclusive Innovation Summit 2013 on Monday, October 28, 2013, and one of the attendees graciously wrote to us with his appreciation for the work Ziqitza does in emergency healthcare services.

 Find the excerpts of the letter below:

Dear Sweta, 

It was a pleasure to hear from you as one of the speakers at the Inclusive Innovation Summit 2013.

For me, the forum successfully brought together leaders from across a spectrum of industries to share their expertise. It was a session worth attending. I and my fellow audience members were inspired by the wide range of innovations we covered.

I would like to take this opportunity to especially mention that it was a pleasure to hear your take on improving emergency healthcare across the nation and how it becomes beneficial to all stakeholders, including the society at large. I believe ZHL’s business model deserved every bit of the standing ovation you received from the crowd.

Wishing you all the best for future endeavours.
Ms. Sweta Mangal addressing the Summit
Ms. Sweta Mangal discussing ZHL's key business innovation model

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Celebrating the true essence of festival season

One of the most auspicious times in Hindu mythology is here. As we celebrate the victory of good over evil with Dusshera on 14th October, 2013, it will soon give way to the arrival of Lord Rama to Ayodhya during Diwali , the festival of lights. As entire country looks forward to these occasions with excitement and anticipation, these festivals also brings with them the lessons of life that lead to path of contentment and fulfilment. Here’s how:

1.       1.Planning: One cannot achieve one’s goals in life based on desires or skills alone. It requires planning at every stage of life. Lord Rama conquered Lanka and achieved victory over mighty Ravana on the basis of careful strategy, addition to tremendous skill & power.

2.       2. Teamwork: Lord Rama didn’t conquer Lanka alone. He had a team that was focused on the single goal, conquering Lanka. The team supported him at every stage of the task and provided valuable information & inputs when needed.

3.      3.  Helping others: Though Lord Rama was supreme, he always went that extra mile in helping others & expecting nothing in return. The good deeds always found a way to return to him & help him in a time of need.

4.     4.  Respect lives: Lord Rama knew he would defeat Ravana, but he first gave him many chances to mend his ways & settle the issue amicably. He knew quarrels, fights & wars are the order of last resort and should be avoided as much as possible.

5.     5.  Values: He always gave family & family values prime importance. Be it respect towards elders, women or people younger to him, he was a symbol of righteousness, which helped him achieved the greatness in life he deserved.

Hence, apart from dedicating certain days to the festivals, their essence should be celebrated on a daily basis by applying the lessons to our lives and achieving a life of contentment, peaceful harmony & co-existence.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Smart CEO magazine features Sweta Mangal in October 2013 issue

ZHL CEO Sweta Mangal speaks about her unique business model innovation and the journey to making it an actionable idea, which today has a social impact across the nation, all in the latest edition of The Smart CEO Magazine

Sunday, October 20, 2013

ZHL takes international stage at Women Deliver 2013 conference

In May 2013, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre hosted the 3-day Women Deliver 2013 conference, which boasted 4,500 participants, comprising princesses, policymakers and advocates, from all over the world. The likes of Melinda Gates, Princess Mary of Denmark, Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, and former President of Finland, Tarja Halonen, spoke on improving the lives of women across the world, focusing on their health and empowerment.

Sweta Mangal, CEO of Ziqitza Healthcare Limited, addressed the gathering on the health challenges faced by Indian woman and how she envisions reaching out to the length & breadth of the country. Check out her interview with Malaysia’s The Peak magazine where she discusses the efforts undertaken to uplift women around the world.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Life wins during Cyclone Phailin

As the nation braced for Cyclone Phailin and thousands were evacuated ahead of the cyclone’s destructive intensity, ZHL staff in Odisha put their Durga Puja celebrations on hold to respond to the increased need for emergency services.

On Sunday, October 13th, 2013, ZHL crew carried 36 pregnant women from flood relief camps to hospital for further medical attention. Amidst the chaos that day, a baby born at 4:30 a.m. in the devastated Ganjam district was a silver lining for the families and crew. We named him Phailin.

ZHL is proud and grateful for our Odisha team. They are real-life heroes.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Society magazine covers ZHL

In the October 2013 issue, CEO Sweta Mangal takes us back to her life-changing decision to leave behind an established career path and became a part of the ZHL founding team. Check out the challenges, fears, triumphs, and determination that makes Ziqitza Healthcare Limited what it is today in the latest edition of Society.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Visit by United Nations Team at ZHL Trivandrum Office

A regular day at work on 12th September, 2013 turned into an exciting event with a visit from the members from UN ( United Nation)  to ZHL 108 Trivandrum office . The three members of UN (United Nations) along with Mr. (Name Required) MD (KMSCL), Mr. (Name Required) GM, DGM and Mr. Narendran were taken through the procedures, response time, fumigation and hygiene process followed at our office. As the visitors left our office with a great feedback about our work & operating model, we returned to our job at hand with a smile on our face & pride swelled in our heart.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Food - The key to a Healthy & Successful Life

The world is divided into 2 sets of people: one who eat to Live and the other who Live to eat. Both these categories though cannot deny the fact of how a balanced diet is quintessential in our well-being. Over-eating is as harmful as lack of food.
The need for regular & proper food intake has never been more important than today where stressful deadlines, hectic schedules & jet-setting lifestyle is more a norm than an exception.
In such a scenario, A few simple tips while having food go a long way in keeping healthy body & mind:
1.    EAT ONLY WHEN TRULY HUNGRY-  Overeating is indulging in
  sensual mind appetite— 
causing body illness & spiritual        

2.    CHEW FOOD WELL- Stomach’s have no teeth, chewing well  
  brings out the sweet taste in 
foods. Chewing develops    
  spirituality & sensitivity. Mental clarity & good judgment  
with mastication & leads to satisfaction after eating,
  and minimizes overeating.

3.    AVOID HOT & COLD FOOD- This suspends digestion & wastes  body energy. Eat food warm, but not too hot.  Avoid iced drinks   before, during and after meals. It creates mucous & 
       digestive problems.

4.    EAT ONLY TO 80% CAPACITY- Stop before full, clarity is diminished with full stomach. An 
       alert clear mind equals success, inner security, good health and longevity.

5.    ENJOY YOUR FOOD- Eat with the spirit of thankfulness, gratitude & enjoyment
6.    GO OUTDOORS AFTER MEALS & NO CLOSE WORK- This practice can improve your health 
      & longevity dramatically. Why? Oxygen helps to digest food. Indoor, close work, reading, tv, 
      or computer work after meals causes poor digestion and blood stagnation in the head & not 
      enough blood in the stomach to facilitate proper food digestion.

7.   DRINK PURE LIQUIDS WHEN THIRSTY ONLY- No animal in nature drinks when they are not 
     thirsty. Water causes water-logging of entire body if taken to excess. The man who wrote

     the book on drinking more water, died of a water disease—water on            the lungs—pneumonia.

8.  MODERATION IN ALL THINGS- Taoist, Buddhist & Yoga teachings all   say to avoid extremes. “Extremes” cause extreme disease conditions   
     in the body organs, muscles & cause body/mind/spirit imbalances,   
     leading to suffering & illness.

So, Eat well, Rest Well & Lead a Happy Life!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Use of Electronic Medical Records in Medical Emergencies

The electronic medical record (EMR) is simply the electronic format of medical records. EMR stores various types of medical data. The data ranges from medical history, prescriptions, drug allergies to the patients hospital service bills and more. Here’s how they can play an important role in Emergency Medical Services.
1. Speed
In an Emergency situation, where the First One hour plays a critical role in saving lives, An electronic medical record can be retrieved at a lightning speed providing much needed information to the crew on-board for patient diagnosis
2. Storage
An electronic medical record system can manage records from multiple offices as well as multiple types of records. Hence, the same is up to date. A key attribute required in emergency situations
3. Security
An electronic medical record system secures records with backup files in case of emergencies. In addition, only authorized users may access them. This necessary security ensures the patients records are in sync & cannot be tampered with.
4. Support
At a time when crew members are mobile, this provides the only solution of reaching out to them while on the move.
5. Accessibility
The latest electronic medical record technology allows information to be downloaded directly onto a PDA or Palm device. In addition to PDA access, authorized individuals can access an electronic medical record online from any location.
6. Affordability
This is perhaps the most appealing part of the latest electronic medical record technology. Emergency Medical Services gives precedence to saving lives over profitability. In such a scenario, the affordability that comes with developed technology is a boon for an industry which try to keep operating costs at minimum to provide maximum value to those in distress

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Are we forgetting the basics? Part- 2

As a run-up to the previous article which covered the importance of sleep, this article covers another basic yet important aspect of a hale & hearty life which our elders have always vouched for and something which is becoming increasingly scarce thanks to the hectic timelines and fast lifestyle that we lead today.
This aspect is completely missing these days from our lives (unless we take holidays for it) but yet forms a key path to happiness. And this aspect is called relaxation.

How does relaxation help?
1.       Slows the heart rate thus, giving the heart a rest.
2.       Reduces blood pressure.
3.       Slows the rate of breathing, which reduces the need for oxygen
4.       Increases blood flow to the muscles decreases muscle tension
  How does this affect you?
1.       You experience more energy, better sleep, enhanced immunity
2.       You experience less anger, crying, anxiety, frustration less headaches and       pain
3.       You get increased concentration and enhanced problem-solving abilities

Some Relaxation Techniques:
1.       Yoga – Yoga is renowned exercise known    
  both for its physical   and  mental benefits
  and its practitioners vouch for it  
2.       Music – Music is known for its soothing    
  effects giving both the mind   & body the  
 desired state of trance in this fast paced life. 
     So get your headphones out :)
3.       Meditation – Apart from prominent health  
  benefits, meditation also helps in increased
  self –actualization and helps keep things in perspective.

So, though we call life as a ‘Rat Race, remember it doesn’t hurt to stop & smell the flowers once 
in a while 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7 Reasons to Give way to Ambulances

1. In Medical terminology, the first Hour post any 
    accident is called ‘The Golden Hour’.The victims receiving medical aid within this hour or not can be 
    the difference between life and death.

2. You break law if you do not giving way to Emergency vehicles and are liable for fine and counselling by city traffic police.
3. Always wanted to be a Hero? Here’s your chance to be.
4. It is frustrating when your dear ones need help and 
    you can’t do anything. The patient’s relatives in the ambulance also feel the same.
5. For commuters, time = money, for those in an ambulance Time = Life.  Remember  Life > Money
6. You get to have a happy day and a guilt-free sleep.

7.  Last but Not the least. There can be No reason not to Save a life!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Are we forgetting the basics?

Nowadays, we hear young, bright individuals suffering from stress, heart illness and other ailments. Diseases unheard of at a younger age are becoming today a reality. Stressful life, multi-tasking, fast lifestyle among others, are blamed on a regular basis by experts. But did you know that the cure to most of these ailments is actually free and you always had access to it. And that is:


Why Sleep plays a major role?
1. Keeps you in shape - your weight can be as simple as getting a good night's sleep. Lack of sleep can make you put on weight by drastically slowing your metabolism down.
2. You can concentrate better – A bad night’s sleep can leave you struggling all day. That also explains the lapse in concentration while driving leaving you and others at risk as well
3. You’ll be in a great mood and happiness is  definitely the key to a longer life  
4.  You’ll be able to make better decisions – An alert  mind allows for a better  and quick decision    process which can help handle a stressful profile better
5.  You’ll remember things Clearly – Did you know? During deep sleep the brain  goes through our impressions of the day in a process vital to memory    formation.
6.  You are less likely to get ill - Lack of sleep can suppress your immune        system, which makes you more vulnerable to infections
7.  You’ll Live longer - Studies have found people who routinely sleep for fewer than six hours a night have a higher risk of dying sooner than people of a similar age who sleep for seven or eight hours a night.

So, here we are. The solution to a good health and long life can be seen with eyes closed :)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

108 now in Angul & Dhenkanal, Odisha

Now 108 Emergency services can be availed in Angul & Dhenkanal, 19 Ambulances were launched by the Honorable Chief Minister of Odisha- Shri Naveen Patnaik. To witness this launch over 500 people, media fraternity and govt officials were present.

108 Punjab organizes No Tobacco Day

108 Punjab organized No Tobacco Day as their another initiative to spread the awareness about 108 services. No Tobacco Day was organized in Industrial Training Institute, the seminar was addressed by SMO Dr Daler Singh who not only made the attendees aware on the ill effects of consuming tobacco but also spread awareness on how to avail services of 108 Ambulance.

Modern Medicare featured ZHL

One of the leading healthcare magazine Modern Medicare featured Dr Paresh Navalkar- Head, Pre Hospital Care in their June issue. Modern Medicare featured Dr Navalkar in their Insight & Outlook section which talks about Emergency Medical Services in India. The interview focuses on the evolution of EMS in India and how ZHL is adding difference to society by providing such service.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Unique contributions of women in emergency management

As a follow-up to our last month article, ‘During Emergency/Medical Scenario, does gender play an important role?’, in this article we try and share real-life examples how women have actually made a difference in saving and reforming lives in India.
First we need to understand how the socio-economic structure for a majority of women in India is different from Rest of the world.

In India, many women are vulnerable since:
1.       Have less access to resources – social networks and decision making.

2.       Have no permanent place in decision - making systems and they suffer
   traditional, routine and gratuitous gender -biased oppression.

3.      Are primarily responsible for domestic duties and thus do not have the liberty
  of  migrating to look for work.

4.       Have low visibility in society and attention to their needs is woefully  

5.       Have less freedom and mobility to look for alternative sources of income.

Thus, in case of a calamity, equal representation of women in rescue teams allows the members to understand their problems better and the victims to express themselves better.
The results of the same are there for us to see:
Bhuj Gujrat Earthquake 2001: women’s groups underwent training to take on their role to motivate householders, build technical capacity, demonstrate collective arrangements, provide feedback, and monitor reconstruction.
As result,
Ø   250,000 households were involved in earthquake-safe construction in
Ø   4,000 women and families took loans;
Ø    1,200 women started businesses, and livelihoods and assets were
stabilized. Communities organized for long-term development
Ø    Today, more than 800 women’s groups work on health, education, water, and sanitation in their communities.
In 1993 Latur Maharashtra earthquake, they contributed in repairing and strengthening of damaged houses

Women meths (work site supervisors) were employed in some villages in western Rajasthan as part of the drought relief project. In many cases, such as in the village of Urmul Setu, where CARE was working, initial opposition from male workers required the mediation of the concerned NGO. In general, record maintenance was better organized where women were employed and women workers felt much more comfortable discussing issues. Women meths were also able to resolve disputes congenially. The decision to include women meths has enabled women to enter a conventionally male domain and has facilitated the growth of new women leaders.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Have a Happy Monsoon!

The monsoon sure is a big welcome relief from the scorching summer sun. But the same brings with it, its own set of instructions to have a safe monsoon. Here are a few to be remembered and noted
Eating out:
While eating out, we must keep in mind that soups, pasta and other such food which are supposed to be served hot, must not be allowed to become lukewarm. Avoid ice-creams. The season is apt for hot bajjias, pakodis, samsosa so have your fill but don’t overdo it. Also do ensure that you carry your own water to avoid falling sick by drinking dirty water

Monsoon and Long Drives:
A drive on a rainy day can be really romantic but it also requires the driver to diligently follow some safety precautions. Be diligent in using your car’s headlights and taillights during monsoons and ensure your car is visible to other drivers following your car. A timely service of the vehicle also helps to a great extent.
Usage of umbrellas and rain coats:
At any case if we are not at home, we must make sure that we carry an umbrella or raincoat so that we can protect ourselves from rain and keep our nose safe from cold and our eyes from watering.
Say No to homemade papads and vadiyams:
The season hardly sees sunlight but these homemade food items need natural bright light to retain their typical crispiness and taste so avoid them in this season.
Avoid unnecessary usage of electricity:
Let us give some rest to all the ACs and fans so that we can conserve electricity which in turn can be used judiciously when required. As it is the best coolest season, try to be away from these luxuries and live a naturalistic life.
Increase the life of plants:
In case you have some small pot plants at home, it’s better to save them by taking them inside the home and giving them shelter. They need sufficient sunlight and water; therefore they cannot be exposed to the heavy rains.
Take care of your pets:
During monsoons, it is difficult for pets to spend their time outside even though they are used to it otherwise. Take good care of your pets especially in monsoons as it is the deadly combination of cold and wet.

Friday, May 31, 2013

108 in Jajpur, Odisha now

Now people in Jajpur district can avail 108 Ambulances in any medical emergency, on 27 May Dial 108 in Emergency was launched in Jajpur by the Honorable Chief Minister Shri Navin Patnaik. Shri Navin Patnaik flagged off 14 Ambulances, the launch event was attended by government officials, media fraternity and local people who really appreciated that such service is now available in their district.

Mega CPR & First Aid Workshop

Over 500 ZHL employees were trained on First Aid and CPR on 22nd May, this workshop was organized in association with AMR. The workshop was organized to train all the employees across India on how to handle various medical emergencies and the knowledge which will be useful in future to save lives. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

During Emergency/Medical Scenario does gender play an important role?

Think Men and Women are the same? Think about it again! Though as a society we are striving towards an equal stature, Men and Women respond differently to medication & treatments due to their different genetic makeup.
Doctors and researchers increasingly understand that there can be striking variations in the way men and women respond to drugs, many of which are tested almost exclusively on males. Early this year, for instance, the Food and Drug Administration announced that it was cutting in half the prescribed for women, who remained drowsy for longer than men after taking the drug.
For example, men metabolize caffeine more quickly, while women metabolize certain antibiotics and anxiety medications more quickly. In some cases, drugs work less effectively depending on sex; women are less responsive to anesthesia and ibuprofen for instance. In other cases, women are at more risk for adverse — even lethal — side effects.
In such a scenario it becomes imperative to have a core team of members representing both genders identifying issues related both to the gene structure and the society weaved around them
With this thought in mind, we at Ziqitza Health care stressed upon an equal representation in our workforce and apart from better providing better medical care it gave us some deep insights:
v  First-hand knowledge of gender differences and inequalities in everyday life.
v  Social Values - Knowledge of how race, class, gender,  and age interact to increase Women’s vulnerability at grassroot level
v  Potentially greater access to local knowledge of grassroots groups
v  Non traditional sets of skills
v  The healing skills which come naturally to them

So, for us at Ziqitza Health Care Limited, it turned out equality among Men and Women helped offset the differences between them  for a healthier tomorrow 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Infant Mortality Rate- A problem that hounds nation

According to a study by an international non-government organisation, Over 400,000 newborns in India die within the first 24 hours of their birth every year - The highest anywhere in the world.
According to the NGO, despite a decade of rapid economic growth, India’s record on child mortality at 72 per 1,000 live births is worse than that of neighbouring Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world.

Two million children under five years of age die—one every 15 seconds—each year in India, also the highest anywhere in the world, it said. Of these more than half die in the first month of their birth. 
The most disturbing element about this development indicator is that low-cost interventions could reduce neonatal mortality by up to 70 per cent by providing basic medical care, including well-trained frontline health workers and appropriate facilities for childbirth.
But all is not lost. In fact, many to be mothers are becoming pro-active to get regular health checkups done and ensure the good health of the baby
Take the example of Prema Sagar, taking the initiative to go the mobile clinic to ensure her baby’s growth is normal.

“I want my child to be born healthy and to have a normal delivery. It’s my first pregnancy, and I want my child to be born in a hospital,” she said.

Small steps can ensure that we can collectively tackle the problem of infant mortality in the country:
  1. 1    Keep the environment clean
  2.      Keep ambulance and emergency numbers handy. 
  3. 3 You can use the Ambulance number 1298 in casyou need any assistance in Mumbai, Kerala, Bihar, Odisha and Punjab
  4. 4    Ensure that you bring in the baby in a hospital
  5. 5   Provide good nutrition to the to-be-mother and get regular checkups and vaccinations done which will ensure the good health of to-be- mother and the baby
  6.        Say NO to female Foeticide!

About the Author: Dr Paresh Navalkar, Head Pre Hospital Care, Ziqitza Health Care Limited