Monday, April 30, 2012

Demo @ 108 Punjab

Over hundreds of Asha workers attended the Demo camp organized by 108 Punjab in Ferozshah. 108 Punjab team educated Asha Workers on the services offered by 108 Ambulance and how it can be availed in medical emergency.The Asha Workers not only thanked 108 Ambulance crew for organizing the camp but also promised to lend help and support. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Demo @ 108 Rajasthan

Over 100 nursing students from JR Institute of Nursing attended an awareness camp with the team of 108 Rajasthan on 24 April. This awareness camp not only  provided hands on training to the students but also educated them on the services provided by 108 Ambulance. The students and the staff appreciated the services provided by 108 Rajasthan and lent their support.

Monday, April 23, 2012

108 Kerala launched in Alleppey

18 Advanced Life Support Ambulances were launched in Alleppey by Honorable Minister Shri KC Venugopal: Union Minister of State for Power, Honorable Minister Shri VS Sivakumar: State Health & Devaswom on 21 April. This event was attended by over thousands of people who appreciated the launch and are happy that now they can avail services of 108 Ambulances in any medical emergency. 

ZHL featured by The Seeker magazine

The Seeker an online magazine in their April issue featured ZHL, The Seeker focuses on the theme Healthcare: The art of Healing. In this issue the magazine  covered ZHL as one of the leading service provider and driving social impact across India.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Demo @ 108 Rajasthan

108 Rajasthan took part in Ghotia Amba Fair on 18th April, over thousands of people actively participated in this fair. The attendees were educated on the services provided by 108 Ambulance. 108 Ambulance crew also educated people on the ill effects of smoking and how to take care of their health. This initiative of 108 Rajasthan was immensely appreciated by everyone.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

108 Punjab saves 2 lives

108 Punjab saved 2 lives when a massive fight broke between two groups. 2 people got severely injured in this fight. 108 Ambulance crew provided the immediate First Aid to wounded people and transferred them to the nearest hospital for further treatment. The patient's family thanked 108 Punjab for their timely help. This incident was covered by Dainik Jagran.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Extension of 108 Kerala Ambulance in Alleppey

Another feather got added in 108 Kerala's cap, 8 new Ambulances have been extended to Alleppey region in Kerala. This move of 108 Kerala is a big effort in reaching more people and provide world class service to them. Now people in Alleppey can also avail 108 Kerala in any medical emergency.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rescue operation @ 108 Punjab

Over 225 workers were rescued by 108 Punjab team when the under construction building collapsed on 16 April. On hearing the tragic news, 108 Ambulance rushed the spot with 7-10 minutes and rescued people. Not only the team took the injured workers to hospital but also provided the much needed first aid treatment which provided immediate relief. This act of 108 Punjab was immensely appreciated by the masses and the local media.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Won the prestigious Jury Spirit of Humanity Award 2012 by AmeriCares!

On 7th April, in Mumbai another achievement got added in our journey by winning the prestigious Jury Spirit of Humanity Award 2012. The coveted award is an initiative of AmeriCares India Foundation a public Charitable Trust which works towards betterment of Health Services in India.
Thousands of NGOs, individuals, institutions in health care sector had their eyes on this award, therefore to ensure credibility of the award, the dedicated team of AmeriCares and KPMG- the Award Auditors scrutinized each and every application, individual’s profiles, and performances on various parameters. Finally Ziqitza Health Care Limited (Ambulance Access for All) was chosen as the finalist for Jury's Choice from the 10 finalists.
We truly feel proud and honoured to receive this esteemed award as an appreciation for making stupendous difference in health sector by providing world class ambulance service regardless of incomes.

Demo @ 108 Rajasthan

108 Rajasthan participated in the fair organized in Talwara location, in this fair over thousands of people participated. 108 Rajasthan team provided the hands on experience to the people who took part in fair. The demonstration not only cleared the misconceptions of people but also educated the villagers on the benefits of Ambulance and how one avail the service of 108 Ambulance.

Successful completion of 1 year @ 108 Punjab

On 3rd April 2012, 108 Punjab successfully completed 1 year of operations serving over 1.5 lacs people. 108 Punjab operations were launched by honorable CM of Punjab S. Prakash Singh Badal, this project was launched under National Rural Health Mission. 240 Ambulances are currently operating in Punjab serving the masses in any medical emergency. The 1st anniversary was marked by a celebration by 108 Punjab team.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

108 Bihar @ ConnectIT- NASSCOM Foundation semiar

On 6th March NASSCOM Foundation organized a talk on Harnessing Information Technology for Non Profits, Gaurav Verma: Operations Head, Dial 108 Bihar attended the same on behalf of ZHL. This event was attended by various social enterprises and people who are in development sector.
Gaurav Verma shared how IT has made huge impact in today's world and how ZHL has leveraged IT to provide world class service in Emergency Medical Response Service. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dial '1298' for Ambulance in Economic Times

Dial '1298' for Ambulance caters to various needs and one of them is Fixed Contract for diverse situations, an Ad in Economic Times dated 2nd April was featured. 

For more details check out the ad..