Friday, July 30, 2010


At midnight of 30th June 2010 we took over the Operations of 108 Ambulance Service in Rajasthan. We are proud of the fact that our operation in Rajasthan is the biggest initiative till date. The scale is well explained from the fact that we have 164 ambulances, operating in 33 districts, receiving 50,000 plus calls per day and attending 500 calls plus every day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Article in Harmony Celebrate Age: Listening EAR

As Published in the Harmony Celebrate Age, Jun-2010.

Article in the Lokmat: Get Legal Help on Dial 1298's Senior Citizen Helpline

As Published in the Lokmat, 17-Jun-2010, in Marathi Language.

Article in the Hindu: Dial 108 for Emergency Medical Help

As Published in the Hindu, 20-May-2010.

Article in the Bombay Times: Help's a Call Away

As Published in the Bombay Times, 12-May-2010.

Article in the Hindustan Times: Senior Citizens Can Call 1298 for Legal, Financial, Medical Problems

As Published in the Hindustan Times, 10-May-2010.

Article in the Lokmat: Dial 1298 with NGOs Planning to Launch Helpline for Senior Citizens

As Published in the Lokmat, 30-Apr-2010, in Marathi Language.

Article in the Times of Mulund-Powai: Brief Interview with Sweta Mangal, Founder of Dial 1298

As Published in the Times of Mulund-Powai, 27-Mar-2010.

Article in the Manorama: Call 108 for Ambulance, But Don't Think of Putting Dead Bodies in It

As Published in the Manorama of Kerala, in Malayalam Language.