Wednesday, May 19, 2010

108 @Thrivanthanpuram , Kerala

On 19th May 2010 Ziqitza launched 25 Advance Life Support Ambulances in  Thrivanthanpuram district.  The project was launched by Kerala Health department as a pilot project under Kerala Emergency Medical Project (KEMP).  KEMP is an Emergency Management System which is planned to establish scientifically through a network of sophisticated ambulances connected and controlled with an Emergency Response Center having single seamless solution which is availed to common man through a toll free number 108.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Health Awareness Drive by Patna Team

Creating Awareness about health life is a big challenge, especially in the country like ours where a large part of population are illiterate and without any access to mass media. And the crux of the problem is that this population is more in need of awareness. Patna 108 Team realized the need of creating basic health awareness among the males and females above 35 years of age. The idea was to create a trickling effect among the community about the need to do regular health check up. The program was to run Blood Pressure Check Ups Camps across Patna in the month of April and May 2010. This initiative also received support from Civil Surgeon Patna Health Society. The health camp was customized and explained in local language, so that they can be well understood by the local people. Dial 108, Patna with their camp touched more than 4000 people. The initiative was appreciated by public, media and state health organizations.