Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Young Turks

'Dial 1298 for Ambulance' had a team from CNBC shooting the Ambulances, the control room and interviewing Sweta Mangal, the CEO of 1298 Ambulance who was being profiled on the show 'The Young Turks'

Friday, July 24, 2009

The MoU with Red Cross

Signing of the MoU with Indian Red Cross Gujarat State Branch to conduct Emergency Medical Technician - basic Course at Ahmedabad

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The BLS Testimony

An email received from a participant of the First Aid and Basic Life Support course:

Good morning,

Yesterday I encountered a medical emergency situation in mid of heavy traffic situation.
Thanks to the efforts taken by you for the BLS training which enabled me to act on the steps trained for epilepsy and I was more of a help rather been an another ignorant bystander.

Training not only came handy to provide first aid, save life and avoid wrong decisions by layman there but also helped in immediately clearing off 20 min hold traffic which added to commotions.
Apart from the one incident which happened post the training, I encountered a road accident just the road opposite to my residence. And again the BLS training came in handy, the teenage motorcyclic head a severe head injury and later inquiring @ local hosp found that he is in cure @ ICU.

1. The incident started with a loud screeching sound while I was having breakfast.
2. Jumped out to see thru the window and saw motorcyclist was sliding on a road.
3. People running to help ( that's when I wanted to run as well, but with different intention - to avoid any mishandling of person and too avoid traffic scenario.
4. As soon as reached the spot, all wrong decisions were being called out from all directions as usual and two of the people were trying to lift the patient with blood oozing profusely in haphazard manner.
5. I immediately shouted that "I am trained in this" and asked all the people to get aside and only two should help.
6. That made the scenario little more different to that where its mostly a show on the road with nobody to take ownership but all giving suggestions and directions.
7. I managed to get a long cloth ( I think my brother tossed from the window, immediately tied around the head as there was no time to waste coz the patient was half conscious.
8. Meanwhile people have made the cab waiting.
9. We three on count of 3 lifted patient, me being in centre position and slided into the cab and the pillion rider ( he managed with bruises) along with the motorcyclist went to the hospital.

As the Nair hospital was around a 500 to 600 meters, it was no sense to wait for any kind medical help on the road and getting the patient there was more ideal choice.
2 or 3 days later somebody at the salon met me and congratulated that I have acted responsibly and after enquiring found that the patient was @ ICU and had a major head injury.

At this point, I would take this event to THANK YOU all in empowering us to handle these kind of everyday situation of saving lives and would urge that these initiative should continue.

By these kind of initiative it contribute to social cause and in addition to fulfilling our obligations to society and these kind of activity adds to Kotak image, and brand value.


Riyaz Ahmed.
Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd