Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ambulance is a Blessing, not a Curse

Total number of people served: 5468482. Total number of pregnant women served: 1754019. Surprised? These numbers are often found to generate astonishment. This is the count of patients that have been successfully attended to by 108, serviced by Ziqitza in about 17 states. With over 1200 ambulances, Ziqitza works on a Public Private Partnership with the Government under the National Health Mission (NHM). Stereotypically however, ambulances have always been associated with negativity. Perhaps, it is due to their earlier inefficacy, when ambulances were mostly considered to be hearses. The situation today fortunately, is quite different. It’s the age of breaking myths and stereotypes and 108 services have been up to the same goal. By providing professional medical care, 108 Emergency Services have created a resonance among the national community about their prompt delivery of emergency medicine.

Today, when one hears the siren of an ambulance, more often than not, panic is witnessed. One feels sorry and afraid. 108 services are trying to build a positive sentiment around emergency healthcare. They are the superheroes who ensure quick transport and facilitate medical care through mobile services, equipped with trained staff and other emergency medical apparatus. 108 Emergency Services is a one stop solution for emergency healthcare. If a person around you requires immediate medical help, pick your phone and call 108 Ambulance Services, and all the care required to ensure that the patient gets necessary medical attention is ensured. 108 Services are a 3 step service. From the caller to the tele-operator and to the Dispatcher, who loops in doctors and the Police, if need be. The Dispatcher also uses GPS system to track the nearest hospital to make certain that quick medical treatment is received by the patient. This accelerates the process, by ensuring that the documentation required for the treatment to progress, is in place. The doctor’s advice also ensures accurate medical examination of the patient’s condition so the equipment required could be taken note of. This in turn, helps the dispatcher send the ambulance with all the requisite medical equipment to the location of the patient. 108 Ambulance Services are also completely free of cost, including the first aid medicine that might be needed for the patient while he’s being transported.

Drop a wish when you hear an ambulance. Pray for the patient, no doubt. Move your car or bike away from the ambulance’s path to make way. But in the back of your mind, know that your wishes are being brought into full force by the 108 Services. The 108 Ambulance service is on the job, day and night saving lives off the roads, from homes, offices and so many other locations. 108 is here to listen to your needs and expects you to help it reach all the people who need immediate medical care. The team is making an effort to let no prayer go unheard and take up every patient’s life as though it were their own. 108 is trying to expand from urban areas to the rural, at the fastest rate possible, since the distance to hospitals from villages is more of a challenge. But challenges are thrown only so that they can be overcome. Ambulance today is a blessing; it’s the only way through which a mobile emergency unit comes to the patient’s rescue, just a call away, with all the apparatus required for the patient’s well-being. The next time you hear an ambulance, be sure to smile and make way. And the next time you see a person in need of emergency, be sure to give 108 a call. Help make the world better.

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