Sunday, September 29, 2013

Food - The key to a Healthy & Successful Life

The world is divided into 2 sets of people: one who eat to Live and the other who Live to eat. Both these categories though cannot deny the fact of how a balanced diet is quintessential in our well-being. Over-eating is as harmful as lack of food.
The need for regular & proper food intake has never been more important than today where stressful deadlines, hectic schedules & jet-setting lifestyle is more a norm than an exception.
In such a scenario, A few simple tips while having food go a long way in keeping healthy body & mind:
1.    EAT ONLY WHEN TRULY HUNGRY-  Overeating is indulging in
  sensual mind appetite— 
causing body illness & spiritual        

2.    CHEW FOOD WELL- Stomach’s have no teeth, chewing well  
  brings out the sweet taste in 
foods. Chewing develops    
  spirituality & sensitivity. Mental clarity & good judgment  
with mastication & leads to satisfaction after eating,
  and minimizes overeating.

3.    AVOID HOT & COLD FOOD- This suspends digestion & wastes  body energy. Eat food warm, but not too hot.  Avoid iced drinks   before, during and after meals. It creates mucous & 
       digestive problems.

4.    EAT ONLY TO 80% CAPACITY- Stop before full, clarity is diminished with full stomach. An 
       alert clear mind equals success, inner security, good health and longevity.

5.    ENJOY YOUR FOOD- Eat with the spirit of thankfulness, gratitude & enjoyment
6.    GO OUTDOORS AFTER MEALS & NO CLOSE WORK- This practice can improve your health 
      & longevity dramatically. Why? Oxygen helps to digest food. Indoor, close work, reading, tv, 
      or computer work after meals causes poor digestion and blood stagnation in the head & not 
      enough blood in the stomach to facilitate proper food digestion.

7.   DRINK PURE LIQUIDS WHEN THIRSTY ONLY- No animal in nature drinks when they are not 
     thirsty. Water causes water-logging of entire body if taken to excess. The man who wrote

     the book on drinking more water, died of a water disease—water on            the lungs—pneumonia.

8.  MODERATION IN ALL THINGS- Taoist, Buddhist & Yoga teachings all   say to avoid extremes. “Extremes” cause extreme disease conditions   
     in the body organs, muscles & cause body/mind/spirit imbalances,   
     leading to suffering & illness.

So, Eat well, Rest Well & Lead a Happy Life!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Use of Electronic Medical Records in Medical Emergencies

The electronic medical record (EMR) is simply the electronic format of medical records. EMR stores various types of medical data. The data ranges from medical history, prescriptions, drug allergies to the patients hospital service bills and more. Here’s how they can play an important role in Emergency Medical Services.
1. Speed
In an Emergency situation, where the First One hour plays a critical role in saving lives, An electronic medical record can be retrieved at a lightning speed providing much needed information to the crew on-board for patient diagnosis
2. Storage
An electronic medical record system can manage records from multiple offices as well as multiple types of records. Hence, the same is up to date. A key attribute required in emergency situations
3. Security
An electronic medical record system secures records with backup files in case of emergencies. In addition, only authorized users may access them. This necessary security ensures the patients records are in sync & cannot be tampered with.
4. Support
At a time when crew members are mobile, this provides the only solution of reaching out to them while on the move.
5. Accessibility
The latest electronic medical record technology allows information to be downloaded directly onto a PDA or Palm device. In addition to PDA access, authorized individuals can access an electronic medical record online from any location.
6. Affordability
This is perhaps the most appealing part of the latest electronic medical record technology. Emergency Medical Services gives precedence to saving lives over profitability. In such a scenario, the affordability that comes with developed technology is a boon for an industry which try to keep operating costs at minimum to provide maximum value to those in distress

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Are we forgetting the basics? Part- 2

As a run-up to the previous article which covered the importance of sleep, this article covers another basic yet important aspect of a hale & hearty life which our elders have always vouched for and something which is becoming increasingly scarce thanks to the hectic timelines and fast lifestyle that we lead today.
This aspect is completely missing these days from our lives (unless we take holidays for it) but yet forms a key path to happiness. And this aspect is called relaxation.

How does relaxation help?
1.       Slows the heart rate thus, giving the heart a rest.
2.       Reduces blood pressure.
3.       Slows the rate of breathing, which reduces the need for oxygen
4.       Increases blood flow to the muscles decreases muscle tension
  How does this affect you?
1.       You experience more energy, better sleep, enhanced immunity
2.       You experience less anger, crying, anxiety, frustration less headaches and       pain
3.       You get increased concentration and enhanced problem-solving abilities

Some Relaxation Techniques:
1.       Yoga – Yoga is renowned exercise known    
  both for its physical   and  mental benefits
  and its practitioners vouch for it  
2.       Music – Music is known for its soothing    
  effects giving both the mind   & body the  
 desired state of trance in this fast paced life. 
     So get your headphones out :)
3.       Meditation – Apart from prominent health  
  benefits, meditation also helps in increased
  self –actualization and helps keep things in perspective.

So, though we call life as a ‘Rat Race, remember it doesn’t hurt to stop & smell the flowers once 
in a while