Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Holi – A fun festival but not at the expense of others

Holi is synonymous to fun, joy and colours, but at times it also causes a lot of problems for some people. These days, Holi gets a little bit rough as the participants gets carried away resulting in the festival losing its real essence.  Every year, various cases of mishaps are reported, as people throw caution to the wind & become reckless on the road amidst festive celebration. 
In such times, it becomes quintessential for us not only to ensure the safety of our loves ones but also ensure the festival is celebrated in its true light and small precautions can guarantee just that
  • Lessons begin at home so discouraging your children to play Holi with eggs, mud or balloons sets the stepping stone for tomorrow where these harmful practises are completely done away with. What’s more, If you do not want your children and family to participate in the revelry, have a nice and quiet holiday at home.
  • One should not forcefully play Holi with others and should not throw colours on someone who resists.
  • Use eco friendly colors to avoid skin reaction while playing holi.
  • If you fancy a glass of 'Bhang' (grass of the opium plant mashed and mixed with milk or sweets), go ahead but there should be a limit to it.
  • Play Holi only with a group of close friends and relatives and not with unknown people.
  • Keep a big bucket of water handy for your children, so that they do not resort to unclean sources.
  • Roll your windows up while driving your car to avoid any accident leading to casualty.
  • Stay at one venue throughout Holi morning to avoid any unwanted scene or happening.
  • Always take some time off to know the cultural significance of Holi.
  • Keep all the emergency numbers like hospital, doctor, ambulance, police handy in case any assistance is required.

Remember, the tradition of Holi brings with it a festival of colour, triumph of good over Evil a harbinger of the spring season, and not a venue for mischief.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Emergency Medical Training launched @ 108 Kerala

With great pleasure and pride I would like to share with you 108 Kerala launched Emergency Medical Training for Medical Officers and Nurses. The training event was inaugurated by the Honorable Dr P.K Jameela- Director, Health Services , Dr Rajeevan- Assistant DHS, Mr Radheesh V- 108 Kerala Head, Mr Rajeev Shekhar- Coordinator, 108 Kerala.
The first batch was conducted by Dr Ajay Desai- Founder, LIHS who was assisted by Dr Anand and Dr Asha Desai. 
60 Medical Officers and Nurses from Government Hospitals were trained on 15th-16th March, the training was appreciated and liked by all the attendees and Dr P.K Jameela wished 
108 Kerala team to keep conducting 
such trainings which is very beneficial. 

Indian Road Sense

Road sense on Indian roads has been a topic of discussion since many years. We find it so amusing that it garners a discussion every time & ridicule it at any given opportunity. But let’s face it. We have been a victim of it at some point or the other. Many attribute it to the increasing population leading to high vehicle density on roads. In 2012, our population was pegged at 1.22 billion. Others believe that the lack of proper patrolling, easy procurement of driving licenses and the all time hurry to reach our destination is to be blamed. Whatever be the reason, there is no denying that Road sense on Indian streets is often completely missing. The consequent chaos is on display for the whole world by way of hundreds of videos on youtube everyday.
If the above theories are to be believed, look at the roads in South Africa, despite a similar history to ours and years of subjugation, lack of freedom and economic instability, their roads are far better than those in India with regards discipline and following of the traffic rules.
May be then the Western / UK drivers can follow rules more easily as the roads are bigger and number of vehicles very few. Perhaps they can do so because they do not have multiple modes of transport (rickshaw, motor bikes et al). Or could it be that their road signage is so good that drivers find it easier to follow rules? In realty though, many Western cities have population densities similar to ours. In the Western world 80% use personal vehicles, this means car densities may be even higher than those seen on Indian roads. Most EU cities are historical and do not always have wide roads. Congestion and traffic jams are common, but one hardly ever hears any honking. And rules are followed by all, including those on bikes, cycles, mobility scooters, buses, truck drivers. 
These changes do not come about overnight. In fact, Britain has one of the toughest driving test which can be taken even by school dropouts, the point is by the time one passes the test, the correct road etiquette is ingrained in to the drivers.
We can easily blame the system, the bad road signage, lack of patrolling and other causes. But human empathy is something which is beyond the system. We are a nation which takes pride in welcoming guests & looking after them, the ultimate form of human compassion. Applying them on roads can make us both improve as a person & society.
1      Never drive on the wrong side of the road – You might reach early, but you  
 are putting others lives in danger along with yours.
.      Let others pass – Blocking the road is the chief cause of traffic jams. Stick to  
 your lane.
3      Take an Initiative – Ever spotted a civilian taking 
     charge when there are no policemen around to clear
 the traffic? You can be that HERO too
       Be a good Samaritan – Calling an Ambulance might
 take just a minute of yours but that minute can save
     a life. SO DO IT. 

Remember driving is a responsibility NOT right.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Modern Medicare featured ZHL CEO- Sweta Mangal

Modern Medicare magazine the print arm of Network 18 featured Sweta Mangal in their March issue, Sweta is featured in Quality medical care during emergency  section which spoke about how EMS is booming in India and the role played by private players in this industry.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dial 108 in Koraput, Odisha

With great enthusiasm and passion 11 Ambulances were launched by the honorable Chief Minister of Odisha- Shri Naveen Patnaik in Koraput District in Jaypore.
Over 50,000 people including public, government authorities, media fraternity were part of this launch who cheered us on.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Road Safety program @ 108 Punjab

Over 700 students of Guru Nanak Secondary School along with their teachers were educated on the services provided by 108 Punjab in the road safety program. This program was organized in association with Vur Laxmi NGO, National Highway Authority of India and sponsored by GMR in Latur.
Another round of the same will be organized for next set of schools to educate students of how to avail 108 service

Express Healthcare featured CEO, ZHL

India's leading healthcare magazine Express Healthcare in their March issue featured Ms Sweta Mangal, CEO ZHL. 
The article focused on the journey of ZHL which is providing Pre Hospital Care service across India and 1298 Women's Helpline initiative of empowering women.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Participation in Mock Drill by 108 Punjab

108 Punjab participated in the Mock Drill organized by Bharat Petroleum Gas Plant @ Mohali. The Mock Drill was organized to educate the attendees, employees of Bharat Petroleum along with the residents of nearby area.

108 Ambulance along with Fire Department extended the support for this drill, post the drill all the people were provided the demo on 108 Punjab services.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Launch of 108 Odisha Service

The very prestigious Dial 108 Service, under the Odisha Emergency Medical Ambulance Service (OEMAS) Project was flagged off by the Honorable Chief Minister of the Odisha, Shri Naveen Patnaik at Durga Puja Grounds in Bhubneshwar on March 5, 2013. The first phase involves launch of 280 fully equipped Ambulance across 15 districts. 
All those present at the launch including the thousands of citizens, government authorities, media fraternity and public at large encouraged and appreciated the beginning of a new era for health care. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Demo @ 108 Punjab

108 Punjab organized a demo camp @ Jeevan Jyoti Public School, in this demo camp over 70 students along with their teachers were educated on 108 Punjab services and how 108 Ambulance operates in the state during medical emergency situation..