Thursday, November 29, 2012

Anti-Drug awareness rally @ 108 Punjab

108 Punjab organized a massive awareness rally on Anti Drug in collaboration with a Senior Secondary school. The awareness rally focused on the ill effects of consuming drug by spreading the message via slogans and posters. School authorities and the students were also educated on the services offered by 108 Ambulance and how in an emergency the service can be availed. 

Rescue by 108 Bihar during Chhath Stampede

In one of the major stampede tragedy in Bihar near Adalghat during pilgrimage visit 108 Bihar played a remarkable role in transferring 9 injured people to the nearest hospital and many were provided primary aid . The incident came to light when 108 Call Centre team received call from Health care society to deploy Ambulances. 45 Ambulances were deployed to the incident spot to tackle the situation post understanding the situation.  

ZHL participates in EMCON 2012

Ziqitza Health Care Limited participated in the EMCON- 14th Annual Emergency Medical Conference of the society of emergency medicine. This conference was presided by over 900 national and international delegates. The conference focused on various elements in Health sector comprising of the growth, trends and how many organizations are doing tremendous work in this fraternity.

The conference was a great platform to mark our presence on national and international level.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Importance of fully equipped Ambulance

Any tragedy can be taken to either success or failure within the first 10 minutes of medical attention. This crucial period is also known as THE GOLDEN HOUR. Quick and the timely help provided in this period can be the difference between life & death as the pre-medical aid would ensure that the victim is nearly saved till the appropriate treatment can be made available from the nearby hospital.
Golden Hour may be defined as the period during which all efforts are made to save a life before irreversible pathological changes can occur thereby reducing or preventing death in the second and third phase. This period may range from the time of injury to definitive treatment in a hospital.
How does an Ambulance help?
·  Quicker transit to hospital as they are given first preferences. Remember, quicker the availability of medical aid, the better.
·   State of the Art equipment ensures a smooth transition from the house to the hospital in a safe environment.
·    Trained EMT/ Paramedics on board ensure that patients are stabilized and managed while they are being transferred to the hospital with much required Pre-Hospital Care.

Why Ziqitza Health Care Limited?
Apart from the above benefits, our  Ambulances also provide:

·         Life Support (BLS) techniques by our training arm LifeSupporters Institute of Health Sciences.
·         State of the art centre equipped with the latest technological tools that include:
 Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Lines
·         Computer Telephony Integration
·        Voice Logger System
·         Global positioning System (GPS)
·       Automatic Vehicle Location and Tracking and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) network
The technology enables us to locate the Ambulance nearest to the patient and then locate the nearest Hospital ensuring quick response time. 

What can you do?
Whenever you spot an accident or come across any medical scenario which requires attention, Dial 1298 immediately to get aid. Available in Mumbai, Kerala, Punjab, Bihar & Odisha

The next time you hear an Ambulance siren, picture it as a cry of life as if it were demanding help and let it pass.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sweta Mangal @ CII Young Indians event

We take pride to share with you that  Sweta Mangal- CEO was invited to talk about Dial '1298' for Ambulance @ CII Young Indians Event on 17 November. This event was presided by known people from diversified field who shared their experience with the attendees. 

Sweta spoke about how 1298 Ambulance is gaining momentum in Emergency Medical Response Service by providing world class Ambulance service in Mumbai, Punjab, Bihar, Kerala and Odisha.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Demo @ 108 Punjab

Over the course of time we realized that in order to spread the word about the 108 to masses is to educate them. Over 200 students of Sr Secondary School in Punjab were educated on the services offered by 108 Punjab in a Demo Camp. This camp provided the hands on training to the students and teachers about various equipments are available in the Ambulance which are very important during medical emergency. The students and teachers thanked 108 Punjab for the knowledgeable demo.

Health Camp @ 108 Rajasthan

108 Rajasthan organized a massive Health Check Up Camp in Nagaur, over 100 people got underwent the health check up. 108 Rajasthan also educated people on the importance of continuous monitoring of health.Participants not only appreciated the work of 108 Rajasthan but also extended support during emergency.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Safe Diwali

Safe Diwali

Ushering in truth and light, Diwali is celebrated nation-wide at the dawn of Amavaasya every year. It symbolizes the age-old culture of our country which teaches us to vanquish ignorance that subdues humanity and to drive away darkness that engulfs the light of knowledge. Diwali, the festival of light projects the rich and glorious past of our country and teaches us to uphold the true values of life.
On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, the following tips can go a long way in making the celebrations safe and memorable for you:

Eating tips:
  • The festival brings with it its own set of preparations & rituals. Even then to enjoy it the fullest and avoid stress along with physical illness, it is imperative to have healthy & small meals while juggling between meeting visiting relatives, organizing Puja at home, burning crackers & shopping. Also, Diabetics and the people with high blood sugar level must be very careful during Diwali and avoid high intake of sweets.
Safety During Burning Crackers:
  • Always accompany children while burning crackers
  • Be alert while burning crackers as clothes are prone to catching fire
  • Only buy crackers from authorized dealers in order to ensure its quality
  • Have a bucket full of water ready as a precautionary measure
  • Avoid putting crackers near diyas, candles as they may lead to explosion and may injure you
  • Keep all the emergency numbers handy like Police, Ambulance, Hospital to save the time during emergency.
 Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Diwali

Eco-Friendly Rangoli: Rangoli is an essential part of any Indian festival. Instead of using harmful chemical colors or paints for Rangoli design, you can substitute them with rice flour, pulse, flowers, eco friendly colors and leaves.
Save Energy: Since people decorate their home by lighting them up. This places a huge load on the power supply system. One can save a lot of electricity by opting candles and diyas for decorating their home. Even though they consume oil, these lamps are usually used only for a short time. 
Prevent Water Pollution: Water is a precious commodity & irregular rainfalls have made it more scarce. Encourage people to burn crackers away from these useful water bodies so that clean water is accessible throughout the year
If possible, avoid crackers all together, remember its a festival of lights not sound. The same can go a long way in soothing elder people who yearn for peace in these times.
For any medical emergency Dial 1298 for Ambulance for immediate assistance and support as every second counts during medical scenario.