Thursday, June 28, 2012

7th Anniversary Celebration

With the successful completion of 7 years of operations by Dial 1298 for Ambulance, Mumbai a huge celebration party was held on 8th June. All the employees actively participated in various activities starting comprising of dance, singing song, rendezvous with CEO and presenting gifts to everyone. This celebration party was also attended by our well wishers and supporters from hospitals and corporate who have been with us in this journey of adding difference to the society.

Commendable work by 1298 Mumbai Crew

One more milestone achieved by 1298 Mumbai crew in saving a life. On 26 June 1298 Mumbai received a call from Fortis to transfer pregnant woman to the hospital. Realizing that the case was very crucial 1298 Mumbai crew helped the woman to deliver the patient carefully  at her home with the support from her family. Post the delivery patient and the baby was transferred to the hospital for further treatment.

This incident shows the remarkable work done by 1298 Mumbai Crew in handling any medical scenario.

108 Punjab hosts interns from Singapore

108 Punjab is not only known to save lives but now it would also be known for providing training to interns from abroad. 2 students (Lim Dao Sheng Wilson and Ng Qing Kai David) from National University Singapore are being trained and educated by 108 Punjab CDC and Maintenance team. These 2 students got an opportunity to understand minuscule aspects of our operations which will be beneficial for them to complete their project. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Your alertness can save a life

People don’t really realize that serious accidents can happen in home/outside/office environment. But in fact, accidents are just as likely to happen in anywhere in office as they are on a construction site or in a factory. The sad thing is that most of these accidents are preventable by following simple health and safety guidelines and a little bit of common sense.
Tips to tackle a medical emergency in office:
·   At some prominent place display all emergency information and telephone numbers, which are required to be called upon in case of any emergency which includes
          i.         Fire Fighting Department
          ii.        No. of nearest hospital and Ambulance service
          iii.        Location of First Aid kit at the workplace
          iv.        Number of nearest police station
·     At the time of emergency first check the pulse and then make sure that the heart beat and breathing is  not stopped. And if, this would be the case, remember every second counts
·    Try to calm down yourself; what had to happen has just happened. Your undue hurry  and turbulence can even worsen the situation
·    Most of times, an affected person can safely be moved to a more suitable position. However this is not  the case with someone with neck or back bone injuries. In such situations, try not to move that person, unless there is some other extreme bad is expected if person keeps laying on that place (e.g. risk of fire or extreme cold etc)
·   Have someone call for medical assistance while you apply first aid & stay calm. Your calmness can allay the fear and panic of the patient
·  Try not to give any liquids to an unconscious or semiconscious person, they may enter windpipe of victim and cause suffocation

The author is the CEO at Ziqitza Health Care Limited, India’s leading organization which provides First Responder Program to schools, colleges and Corporate. The workshops seek to dispel common misconceptions on how to treat medical emergencies and aims at educating people on general principles of First Aid which can play a crucial role in emergency situation. The company has trained over 22,000 people from various schools, colleges & corporate sectors till date. For more information, you can write to her on

Friday, June 22, 2012

When 1298 Mumbai came calling on 21 June

On 21 June the biggest ever fire broke in Mantralaya leaving everything haywire. With the prompt response of 1298 Mumbai number of lives were saved who sustained burns and injuries in this accident. This quick action of 1298 Mumbai was not only appreciated by Police Department but also received huge encouragement and support from Fire Department.

Demo for Police Department @ 108 Rajasthan

Every second counts in medical emergency and with this thought 108 Rajasthan organized a demo camp for police team. Over 50 police men attended this demo camp who were made aware on the services provided by 108 Rajasthan. This demo was huge success and was appreciated by police team who were part of the same.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rescue operation @ 108 Punjab

Over 70 patients who were suffering from diarrhea were not only transferred to the hospital but were also provided much need First Aid treatment. In these 3 days 108 Punjab Ambulance's crew have been on toes to serve these patients,  this prompt action from 108 Punjab saved lot of lives and received huge appreciation from everyone.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Demo for police @ 108 Rajasthan

A 2 days demo and awareness camp was organized for police in Kota by 108 Rajasthan. On 1st day of camp First Responder Program was organized in which various techniques how to handle medical emergencies was demonstrated. On the 2nd day Free Dental and Blood Donation Camp was organized in association with Shine India Foundation. Over 250 policemen participated in this camp. The participants thanked 108 Rajasthan team for educating them and also extended support to the team.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

108 Kerala in News

On successful completion of 2 years of 108 Kerala operations, we received overwhelming response from media. Over 42,000 people have been served by 108 Kerala under Kerala Emergency Medical Project in these 2 years. 

We received over 15 print coverage along with 8 electronic coverage on 108 Kerala's journey.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How choosing the right emergency service can form the difference between life & death?

In a country where millions die of heart attack, over 2,00,000 die in road accidents & thousands in rail fatalities every year, the right emergency medical service can form the difference between life & death . In a series talking about the casualties that plague our country, we would be sharing the symptoms, first aid measures & the features in the modern day Ambulance that would offset a certain disaster.
Research suggests that India tops the list in terms of heart related diseases with South India region in the lead. In Mumbai, Heart ailments and heart attacks topped the BMC's list of top 10 killer diseases for 2011, the sixth consecutive year that they have occupied the slot. Thus, understanding how to tackle this disease might be the key to survival.
"Time is tissue," the saying goes, and that means the sooner the person gets help, the less damage there is to heart tissue. Taking the necessary course of action post any medical emergency can maximize the chances of recovery.
Symptoms: If someone is complaining about chest pain, upper-arm discomfort, shortness of breath, nausea, light-headedness or is breaking out in a cold sweat, it may mean a heart attack. If this happens, it is crucial that you contact Emergency Medical  Response Services (EMS) as soon as possible.

Getting equipped with the knowledge of First Aid and providing the much needed medical aid can be very useful in our daily lives in handling any medical scenario.

In any emergency disaster the first few minutes are called the golden hour as that time is the crucial moment  which forms the difference in life and death. At that time First Respondent who is equipped with basic First Aid training can do justice before the fully equipped Ambulance arrives to take charge of the situation.
Having the right trainer and the right mix of syllabus as per individual’s/organization’s accordance is doing wonders.

Off late the First Aid training is not only gaining momentum amongst medical fraternity but colleges, corporate and NGOs are acquiring this knowledge from professionals.
In an Ambulance, paramedics monitor and care for the patient while en route. And when those patients arrive in the emergency room, they're more likely to be treated sooner.
Real-time monitoring of patients medical data signs from a moving Ambulance continuously can mean a world of difference between life and death.

To compensate for potentially long travel time to the nearest hospital, the Ambulance medical team often establish a diagnosis and get expert medical assistance on the way to the hospital.

This solution will integrate multi-parameter monitors in Ambulances and provide a solution that allows specialists to continuously monitor vital signs in real-time from critically ill patients from a moving  Ambulance using wireless connectivity* and thereby providing immediate medical assistance during the golden hour.

The author Dr.  Vijay Kumar Reddy is an expert and veteran in Emergency Medical Response Services & is the Head –Pre Hospital Care of Ziqitza Health Care Limited, pioneer in the field of Emergency Medical Response Services

Friday, June 1, 2012

FRP Training for Police @ 108 Punjab

Over 150 police personnel underwent First Responder Program which was organized by 108 Punjab on 12 May. The police personnel were educated by 108 team on how to handle various medical emergencies. The police personnel not only thanked 108 Punjab team for providing hands on training to them.