Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will Surekha Dial an Ambulance?

Guest blogger Rob Katz is an Associate with Acumen Fund and the editor of NextBillion.net. This post first appeared on NextBillion.net. 
The post is on the market research project Joanna Harries (the current Acumen Fellow at 1298) & Rubina D'Souza (an employee at 1298) have been conducting on whether low income group Indians call an Ambulance, if not what are the ways they get to an hospital. 
A tiny bead of sweat ran down the ridge of my nose. It reached the end, teetered for a split second, then dropped quietly onto the doctor’s desk. I sat behind the desk, inside the Vijay Nagar Women of India clinic, which is tucked into a government-built housing project in the Bandra East area of Mumbai. As the sweat hit the desk, it made a soft splat, and little Natra’s eyes followed it down. About 3 years old, he seemed pretty interested in the inability of this strange white man to deal with the Mumbai heat – not surprising, all things considered.

Domino’s to Help Mumbai - During Emergency Hour

Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Shahani launched the initiative to train employees of Domino’s Pizza India Ltd in First Aid & Basic Life Support in association with Dial 1298 for Ambulance.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dial L for Life

An Article on Outlook Business on the Dial 1298 for Ambulance service