Sunday, October 5, 2014

Declining security for Elderly citizens

Many pan-India survey reveals that almost 30% of India’s elderly people are subject to some form of abuse or neglect by their families. Shockingly 47.3% of abuse against elders is committed by adult care givers, partners or family members.

According to INPEA survey, the problems of the elderly can be broadly categorized as economic, health, disability, and social. In Delhi, the survey revealed that the most prevalent health problems among the elderly related to mental handicap, orthopedic and ophthalmic problems. Loneliness, no source of income, and unemployment were also found to be widespread among Delhi's elderly.

The above mentioned startling figures make one think of the safety for senior citizens who at times are abandoned and live alone.

Few basic tips for senior citizens that will help them in mitigating these risks:

Do’s & Don’ts for Senior Citizens

  • Never discuss any financial matter with your servant
  • Don’t allow any friends or family of your servant to visit your house
  • Make your neighbor & society know that you are staying alone
  • Install a peep hole in your door and check the identity of the person before you let anybody inside your house
  • Never leave spare keys in open
  • Inform your society about the uninformed visitors at your home to enable them check their background
  • Have all the emergency numbers handy:
    • Police- 100
    • Ambulance (Mumbai, Kerala, Bihar, Punjab)- 1298
    • Senior Citizen Helpline- 1298
    • Your family doctor
    • Your neighbors number