Friday, January 27, 2012

108 Rajasthan awarded

108 Rajasthan was awarded on The Republic Day in Dholpur for their hard work and dedication. Over hundreds of people marked their presence in this celebration on 26th January.

Demo @ 108 Rajasthan

108 Rajasthan participated in the celebration of The Republic Day where thousands of people participated. In this event 108 Rajasthan organized a live demo to educate the attendees on the services offered by 108 Ambulance.

108 Ambulance were hugely appreciated and acknowledged by the attendees.

108 Punjab Awarded & Appreciated

With the whole nation celebrating The Republic Day on 26 January, 108 Punjab team was awarded in The Republic Day celebration @ Guruk Nanak Dev stadium. 108 Ambulance presented a skit on ill effects of tobacco chewing and smoking in collaboration with Health Department.

Over 3000 students from schools and colleges participated in the celebration and appreciated the service of 108 Punjab.

Health & Demo Camp @ 108 Punjab

Health and Demo Camp was organized in Punjab on 20 January, where hundreds of people participated and got the health check done. 108 Punjab participated in village games where large number of people attended the event.

This event and camp was covered by local media and was appreciated by masses.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sadak Surakshna Week @ 108 Rajasthan

With the ongoing Sadak Suraksha Week in Rajasthan, 108 Rajasthan actively participated in the same in 9 districts in collaboration with Traffic Police and Shine India Foundation (NGO). Over a lakh of drivers and travellers were educated on tips to drive safely and how to handle emergencies. Dial '108' in Emergency also spread the awareness on the services offered by 108 Ambulance. This campaign received huge support from local media and the radio channels across Rajasthan.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Guardian Angel in disguise- 108 Rajasthan

Brilliant example set by 108 Rajasthan in which a critical patient (woman) was saved. Patient's children were not only thankful to the team but became overwhelmed to see their mother in stable condition with the help of 108 Rajasthan.

Expert opinion on importance of 108

Steve Murphy: President Global Medical Response on his India visit highlighted the importance of Emergency Medical Service and making it available  to everyone during medical emergency. Steve Murphy also mentioned about 108 which is doing commendable work by making the service available in remotest areas also.

Demo camp @ 108 Rajasthan

Even the cold weather couldn't lower the spirits of 108 Rajasthan team when they organized a demo camp in sirohi. Over 300 people in Sirohi actively participated in the demo camp which gave the hands on experience to the locals of services provided by 108 Rajasthan.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1298 Kerala in news

1298 Kerala partnered with Sabrimala, the biggest religious pilgrimage from November 2011-January 2012. 1298 Kerala was the official Ambulance provider to handle medical emergency during this course of time. Many dailies in Kerala covered this pilgrimage and educated people on how to handle medical emergencies and to Dial 1298 for Ambulance.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Awareness Camp @108 Rajasthan

Over 2000 Girls in Rajasthan attended the Awareness camp on  15 January. This camp educated students of Govt Girls College on services offered by 108 Ambulance and also were trained on how to handle medical emergency. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

108 Punjab office visited by PHS

Principal Health Secretary of Punjab honorable Mr Satish Chandra surprised the team of 108 Punjab by visiting them at Amritsar on 9th January. He appreciated the protocols taken by the team in handling calls and stated we should continue to do the good work. 

He was accompanied by Dr Dhawan- Civil Surgeon who showed keen interest in understanding 
the process of dispatching 108 Ambulances.
ZHL team was very happy to host them! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Demo @ 108 Punjab

A demo camp was organized in Punjab on 3rd January which was attended by over hundreds of women. The demo camp gave hands on experience to the attendees on the services provided by 108 Punjab and how to avail the services of 108 Punjab. This camp was appreciated by local media and masses.

Monday, January 2, 2012

108 Punjab Team awarded

Team of 108 Punjab was awarded ‘Award of Honour’ by  Mandeep Signh Sidhu: SSP Khanna. This event was attended by over hundreds of people and dignitaries from government and police department. The event was also marked by a small demo  of the services provided by 108 Punjab. The government officials also appreciated the work done by 108 Punjab.