Saturday, September 29, 2012

Act before time passes by...

While the nation suffers from rising inflation, increasing prices & fiscal deficits, there are certain areas where our alertness can not only save crores in Rupees but priceless lives.
Did you know? India suffers a staggering hit of Rs.1 lakh crore - every year due to road accidents, according to the International Road Federation report.
According to Planning Commission studies during 2001-2003, that is nearly a decade ago, the total losses to the economy due to road accidents in the year 1999-2000 were pegged at Rs.55,000 crore -, some three percent of the country's GDP.

This means the losses have almost doubled in the last decade. The losses take into account victim-related costs, property damage and administration costs.

What we can do?

        Stop Drunken Driving – Though the police is doing its job, it becomes our moral responsibility to follow the rules in letter & spirit because when we are behind the wheels, we are not only responsible for our lives but others on the road as well. 
        Be Pro-active – If you witness an accident, take the initiative to call an Ambulance than waiting for someone else which will lead to wasting time during this critical moment. Just dialling 1298 or 108 at this juncture is all that would take to get immediate help.
        Wait for an Ambulance – In severe cases, it’s preferable to wait for an Ambulance as the paramedics are equipped to handle the victims in emergency situations, thus avoiding further damage. Before the Ambulance reaches the spot providing the basic First Aid would also minimize the loss. Now a days the Ambulances are equipped with the latest technology to run initial scans /treatment on the way to hospital, thus being the difference between life & death.
        Be Patient - The short temper on roads and low regard for traffic rules, by both motorists and pedestrians is a common sight these days. The rules learnt as a child still hold good. Starting early for the destination would result in a happy commute for everyone.
        Be safe: A helmet not only makes you safe but also adds to your look. Grab one from the range of sturdy and well designed ones and get ready to make heads turn. Do remember to fasten your seat belts whether  you are behind the steering wheel or sitting on the passenger seat. (PS: don’t forget the ISI approval J ) 
Most of the problems that we face can be resolved by practicing little discipline on our part. And in this case, not only will it save crores to our economy but the priceless smile of a child, joy of a wife & security of a family.

The author Dr.  Vaishali who is  a veteran in Emergency Medical Response Services  Hospital Care from Ziqitza Health Care Limited, pioneer in the field of Emergency Medical Response Services.

Friday, September 28, 2012

10051812 and counting @ 108 Punjab

Under Atal Swasthya Sewa Project Dial '108' for Ambulance celebrated 1,00,51,812 kms traveled to serve 2,82,997 people across Punjab. 

This accomplishment was celebrated by 108 Punjab along with locals and huge media coverage sharing the success story of 108 Punjab.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

FRP @ Mohali, Punjab

The best way to learn is to have hands on experience which DAV School students and the professors will vouch on.

3 days FRP program in Mohali was organized by 108 Punjab from 25-27 September to educate the students and school authorities on handling basic medical situations and how to avail 108 Ambulance service.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FRP in 108 Kerala

Over 150 students students from Kazhakuton police station participated in FRP camp organized by 108 Kerala on 22 August. 
108 Ambulance staff provided the training on dog and snake bite, burns accidents and choking. The education and training majorly focused on how to deal with various medical situations and how 108 Kerala can make difference by providing EMS in medical emergency.

1298 Kerala in news

Honorable Excise Minister Mr K Babu launched 1298 Kerala in Aluva along with launching health camp in pulimchodu junction. 

Mr K Babu also mentioned that with the increasing need of timely EMS in city 1298 Kerala is already making a difference to the society by providing medical assistance to people. 

Over 200 attendees underwent the health check up comprising of blood sugar, BMI, BP with 1298 Kerala in the Ambulance to educate people on the importance of monitoring the health constantly.

Health Check Up Camp @ 108 Rajasthan

Over 100 people residing in the slum areas of Rajasthan underwent Free Health Check Up camp with 108 Rajasthan.

This camp was organized to trickle the effect of monitoring one's health to avoid future complications. 
The attendees thanked 108 Ambulance staff for making the Ambulance service available to them in medical emergencies.

Demo camp @ 108 Rajasthan

Over 250 NCC Cadets of Senior Secondary School participated in the demo and awareness camp organized by 108 Rajasthan. NCC Cadets along with their teachers were educated on the services provided by 108 Ambulances, how to avail the service and importance of various equipments. 
108 Ambulance staff also demonstrated the whole process of 108 Ambulance comprising of getting a call to ensuring the person is shifted to the Hospital.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Participation in 'Celebrating Age'

'1298' Senior Citizen's Helpline along with the partner NGOs participated in 'Celebrating Age' @ World Trade Center. This event was organized to celebrate and discuss the issues related to elderly people.
Eminent speakers from various NGOs participated and shared their experience and thoughts on the same. On 21st September World Alzheimer's Month was also celebrated in which how to handle people who suffer from Alzheimer and symptoms to identify the same were discussed.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Safety during Ganesh Chaturthi

Safety during Ganesh Chaturthi

The festive season in India has begun. Starting September, the festive calendar beams with the arrival of Shree Ganesha into our homes, the celebration of victory of Good over Evil (Dashera), the return of Lord Rama (Diwali), the birth of Christ before we finally bid 2012 goodbye.
The celebrations along with the fun, excitement, Family get-togethers and re-unions also bring fatigue due to excessive preparations & arrangements undertaken.
In such a scenario, any lapse in concentration can lead to major mishaps. The same can be easily avoided by keeping the following thumb rules in mind and keeping emergency numbers of police, fire brigade and Ambulance:

 To avoid possible dangers during Visarjan you should keep in mind a few simple things. Make your Ganesh Chaturthi happier and safe by following certain rules of thumb. 


The responsibility of guiding the procession should be entrusted to at least two persons. One should guide the road traffic and other should lead the procession through the correct route. 

There should be at least four people to hold the ropes form both the sides of the processions. This will help the processions to move ahead easily and will be convenient for vehicles to avoid accidents. You can also ask the mothers taking part in the procession to take care of their own children as they are most prone to accidents 


Avoid lighting crackers while the processions are moving on the road. This will help avoid pollution. Happiness and joy is better enjoyed when everybody’s safety is ensured

Precautions at the sea-shore 

If the idol is too big you can arrange for a boat. At least three to four men who can swim should enter the sea. Keep the children away from this task. Make sure that the life-guards are present at the sea-shore. Make sure that you do not throw the garlands and flowers offered to the idol in the sea. Immerse the idol in artificial ponds created by the government if available. Also, keep an ambulance service at bay since last moment availability in case of any mishap might be difficult, due to the festive occasion. In any mishap during the procession near sea shore make sure you call the Ambulance which will provide immediate assistance during any medical scenario.

Eco-Friendly Festival

Try to celebrate Eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi as far as you can. This will makeGanesh Visarjan safer for you and others too. As pollution hazards are increasing day by day one can look at buying small Ganesh idols. All the Ganesh idols either small or big give equal amount of blessings to devotees. Remember that safe celebration means unlimited happiness and blessings form Lord Ganesh.

Last and more importantly, don’t let the celebrations act as a hindrance to those who need medical attention. Give way to Ambulances.
Wish you all a happy festive season ahead.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Awareness & Demo Camp @ 108 Kerala

Over 60 members of Viswan Arts and Sports Club participated in the Demo and  Awareness Camp organized by 108 Kerala. The attendees were educated on the services provided by 108 Kerala and how anybody can avail the service. The members of the club showed huge interest in the demo and also got an opportunity to understand the equipments we use in 108 Ambulance.

Friday, September 7, 2012

1298 Mumbai featured by TV 9 Maharashtra

On 4th Sep a tragic incident happened metro bridge being collapsed leaving everything helter skelter and disrupted in Andheri - Kurla road in Mumbai.

We feel proud that 1298 Ambulance was at the spot immediately helping people and providing much needed first aid.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Demo & FRP camp @ 108 Kerala

We believe in reaching out to more people and educate them about our services. One such event of Demo and FRP camp was organized for NCC cadets and special children by 108 Kerala. over 600 NCC Cadets and 20 Officers from Military participated in this camp. 108 staff educated the participants on services provided by 108, how to call 108, equipments available in the Ambulance. Post this event First Aid training was provided to special children so that they can be well equipped to take care of emergency.

This camp was a huge success as the school authorities were immensely happy by the team and the services.