Thursday, February 28, 2013

108 Punjab participates in Blood Donation Camp

108 Punjab participated in the major blood donation camp in which 350 people donated blood. This camp was also graced by Honorable Mr Harcharan Singh- Mayor: Ludhiana, Mr Kehar Singh- S.P Ludhiana who not only appreciated 350 donors but also complimented that how 108 Punjab is a life saver and adding difference to society. 
Our Ambulance crew also educated the attendees on the services offered by 108 Punjab and how it can be availed.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

eHealth features ZHL CEO- Sweta Mangal

One of the upcoming healthcare magazine eHealth featured ZHL CEO- Sweta Mangal in their February issue, the interview talks about ambitions and journey along with 1298 Women's and Senior Citizen's Helpline. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

108 Punjab Participates in Mock Drill

Punjab Government in one of their  initiative organized a Mock Drill in Tricity on 12 Feb in which over 80000 people participated. The Mock Drill was organized to empower people by providing them training on how to handle big mishaps like Fire, Earth Quake, Bomb Blast. National Disaster team from Gujrat and Delhi along with Fire Department, Armed Forces, 108 Punjab Ambulances were actively involved.  Along with the general public government official
were given this crucial training.  
This mock drill exercise was hugely 
liked and appreciated by the trainees 
and local media.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ZHL @ Medicall

ZHL participated in one of the premier Healthcare Exhibition named Medicall-2013 in Ahmedabad from 8-10 Feb, This event was attended by over 3000 delegates from Diagnostic Centres and Hospitals across India. The platform was a huge opportunity to create awareness about ZHL, ZHL's stall received over 200 footfalls who appreciated our work and showed keen interest to associate with us.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MD PHSC visits 108 Punjab office

108 Punjab team with great excitement and delight hosted the visit of Mr Hussan Lal- MD Punjab Health System Corporation on 18 Feb.

Mr Hussan Lal was briefed by the  team on the holistic approach which is taken to dispatch the Ambulances in medical situation.

Mr Lal wished 108 Punjab team and complimented on the overall functioning  of 108 which is benefiting people at large.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

FRP @ 108 Punjab

Over 100 employees of Hindustan Unilever, Ambala were trained in First Responder Program. The training comprised of how to handle various medical emergencies like fracture, fire cases, heart attack, snake bites before the arrival of Doctor/Ambulance.

The employees thanked 108 Punjab team for educating them on basic yet very important information which will be helpful in future.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

‘Speak Out’ with Ziqitza Health Care Limited

As a nation, we have always believed in harmonious existence & a mutually beneficial environment leading to the growth of both individual & nation. Hence, whenever an act of hatred against a fellow citizen occurs or the secularity of the nation is threatened, it has led to a nationwide condemnation & ridiculed by one & all. Today we live in an era where due to widespread technology every Indian can voice his/her underlying opinion & make their concerns felt due to Social Media. Thus, these issues once dormant in one’s mind have found a channel & a very potent one at that. Though this is very essential as ‘Freedom of Speech’ is a fundamental right, the same energy can also be channelized in general betterment & good of the society & it begins with us! The citizens of the Nation!
'Speak Out' is an initiative taken by Ziqitza Health Care Limited which appeals to the citizens to do their bit to improve the society. To be pro-active in every walk of life than depending on officials considering that it’s their job. Be it sparing a few moments from their busy schedule to help a needy they spot on the road to pointing out domestic violence in their society & breaking the pattern (Remember the youth of tomorrow are the children of today. And they learn from us).
The campaign takes another leap this February asking citizens to help Women’s Helpline by dialing 1298 & help in tackling atrocities against women. The number will be highlighted across our social platforms and through a series of activities we tend to spread the message that help is only four digits away (1298).  We would also run a hall of fame section recognizing those citizens who have taken an initiative to point out atrocities against women and taken a stand to never let it happen again. 

Join us on this endeavour as we set out to do our bit. A start of a journey from being an unfazed onlooker to an aware, sensitive and an active citizen.