Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Are we forgetting the basics? Part- 2

As a run-up to the previous article which covered the importance of sleep, this article covers another basic yet important aspect of a hale & hearty life which our elders have always vouched for and something which is becoming increasingly scarce thanks to the hectic timelines and fast lifestyle that we lead today.
This aspect is completely missing these days from our lives (unless we take holidays for it) but yet forms a key path to happiness. And this aspect is called relaxation.

How does relaxation help?
1.       Slows the heart rate thus, giving the heart a rest.
2.       Reduces blood pressure.
3.       Slows the rate of breathing, which reduces the need for oxygen
4.       Increases blood flow to the muscles decreases muscle tension
  How does this affect you?
1.       You experience more energy, better sleep, enhanced immunity
2.       You experience less anger, crying, anxiety, frustration less headaches and       pain
3.       You get increased concentration and enhanced problem-solving abilities

Some Relaxation Techniques:
1.       Yoga – Yoga is renowned exercise known    
  both for its physical   and  mental benefits
  and its practitioners vouch for it  
2.       Music – Music is known for its soothing    
  effects giving both the mind   & body the  
 desired state of trance in this fast paced life. 
     So get your headphones out :)
3.       Meditation – Apart from prominent health  
  benefits, meditation also helps in increased
  self –actualization and helps keep things in perspective.

So, though we call life as a ‘Rat Race, remember it doesn’t hurt to stop & smell the flowers once 
in a while 

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