Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7 Reasons to Give way to Ambulances

1. In Medical terminology, the first Hour post any 
    accident is called ‘The Golden Hour’.The victims receiving medical aid within this hour or not can be 
    the difference between life and death.

2. You break law if you do not giving way to Emergency vehicles and are liable for fine and counselling by city traffic police.
3. Always wanted to be a Hero? Here’s your chance to be.
4. It is frustrating when your dear ones need help and 
    you can’t do anything. The patient’s relatives in the ambulance also feel the same.
5. For commuters, time = money, for those in an ambulance Time = Life.  Remember  Life > Money
6. You get to have a happy day and a guilt-free sleep.

7.  Last but Not the least. There can be No reason not to Save a life!

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