Monday, June 17, 2013

Have a Happy Monsoon!

The monsoon sure is a big welcome relief from the scorching summer sun. But the same brings with it, its own set of instructions to have a safe monsoon. Here are a few to be remembered and noted
Eating out:
While eating out, we must keep in mind that soups, pasta and other such food which are supposed to be served hot, must not be allowed to become lukewarm. Avoid ice-creams. The season is apt for hot bajjias, pakodis, samsosa so have your fill but don’t overdo it. Also do ensure that you carry your own water to avoid falling sick by drinking dirty water

Monsoon and Long Drives:
A drive on a rainy day can be really romantic but it also requires the driver to diligently follow some safety precautions. Be diligent in using your car’s headlights and taillights during monsoons and ensure your car is visible to other drivers following your car. A timely service of the vehicle also helps to a great extent.
Usage of umbrellas and rain coats:
At any case if we are not at home, we must make sure that we carry an umbrella or raincoat so that we can protect ourselves from rain and keep our nose safe from cold and our eyes from watering.
Say No to homemade papads and vadiyams:
The season hardly sees sunlight but these homemade food items need natural bright light to retain their typical crispiness and taste so avoid them in this season.
Avoid unnecessary usage of electricity:
Let us give some rest to all the ACs and fans so that we can conserve electricity which in turn can be used judiciously when required. As it is the best coolest season, try to be away from these luxuries and live a naturalistic life.
Increase the life of plants:
In case you have some small pot plants at home, it’s better to save them by taking them inside the home and giving them shelter. They need sufficient sunlight and water; therefore they cannot be exposed to the heavy rains.
Take care of your pets:
During monsoons, it is difficult for pets to spend their time outside even though they are used to it otherwise. Take good care of your pets especially in monsoons as it is the deadly combination of cold and wet.

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