Saturday, April 5, 2014

8 Tips to beat the heat this summer

Summers are here and let’s face it, it can be quite punishing in many parts of the country because of the soaring mercury levels. Follow the tips given below to beat the heat this summer:

  • Incidences of sunstroke among people living in the plains of northern India are very common. The thumb rule to avoiding sunstroke is to avoid exposure to the sun when it is at its zenith.
  •  If you are traveling make sure you drink lots of fluids. Wearing light colored cotton clothes can help you beat the heat and cool baths can keep your body temperature in control.
  • Eating watermelon, papaya, mango and banana can cool your system. The abundance of mangoes in summers compensates for any discomfort experienced due to the heat. This king of fruits is the ideal fruit for the summer- but don’t overdo it.
  •  Diseases in summer are usually water-borne so, it makes sense to use boiled water during this time. You can also use mineral water, but make sure that that you consume water from well-known brands and that tamper proof bottling techniques are used by the brand you consume.
  • As the body loses essential minerals due to sweating these need to be replaced without fail or else the body may experience heat exhaustion and cramps. The ubiquitous ‘nimbu pani’ is the ideal summer drink. Again the water you use to make juices needs to be boiled and cooled.
  • Do not use commercially made ice as this is a potential carrier of diseases like jaundice and cholera.
  • Food that is not refrigerated in time can cause dysentery, food poisoning and other enteric-related diseases. Food rich in fiber should also be taken in plenty.
  • Finally, if you are using air-coolers make sure the water is changed often to avoid breeding of larvae as summer is also the time when mosquitoes and other vectors breed rampantly and spread vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue. You can also use insect repellents and cover your body adequately to prevent mosquito bites. Covering your body will also give you the protection against sun burns. 

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