Sunday, March 30, 2014

Respect the Fellow Commuters. Respect the Road

India is right there at the top when it comes to the number of fatalities (1.15 million fatalities in a decade) and injuries in road accidents and has maintained its position for years now despite an exponential surge in the development and enhancement of road and transport infrastructure in the country. Though there are laws in place for crimes such as drunken driving & talking on the phone while driving, a majority of these fatalities also arise from the lack of combination of civic sense, and much needed traffic sense (or road sense) among ourselves.

Today what is missing on the road is no courtesy or empathy for the fellow commuters, drivers, pedestrians or vehicles plying on the road, nor do we have any willingness to go by the rule books. A majority of the fatalities occur due to this insensitive nature for which rules only come into force after an event has occurred, but by then it’s too late as lives would have changes forever by then.

Thus, it is imperative to use the roads as a collective resource. Give other vehicles their own space and not making things difficult for fellow commuters. Encroaching into driving space is not only fatal but also a mark of disrespect for fellow drivers who might be equally in a hurry as you are but still go by the rules.
There is also another responsibility we have towards our fellow commuters. In case of any accident, we can make a big difference by placing a single call to 108 & ensure their safety.

Remember, compassion & respect is the building block of any society. Without these, co-existence is impossible be it on  the road or in our homes

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