Friday, January 24, 2014

What do you get with 50 paise today?

Remember as a child every single paise had value; when your favourite candy used to be light on the wallet but the best taste in the world; when you had to choose between 50 paise candies and life and death depended on making the right choice?

Now, after so many years, that favourite candy might cost a lot more than 50 paise but those 50 paise haven’t lost their power to change lives.

Every time you witness an accident, all it takes is 50 paise to call for an ambulance, thanks to the extreme competition in the Indian mobile market.

Yet, we choose not to call an ambulance.

Over 12,00,000 people died in road accidents in 2012 alone.
Yet, we choose not to call an ambulance

A victim who can be reached within an hour of an accident can be saved.
Yet. we choose not to call an ambulance.

Even today, the 50 paise can help you make a life changing decision. Question is--are you ready for it?

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