Thursday, January 23, 2014

How bad was your day today?

Today, time is a precious commodity & we are out to make the most if it. We try to do our best in a limited amount of time within the day. Some times we succeed, many times we don’t.
If the day goes well, we are too stressed thinking about the other challenges that come up with the success.
But if things don’t go our way, the impending sense of doom takes over, along with the frustration & self doubt that comes with it.
Either way, the best time we get to think about this is our commute time. Yes, that time when we feel everyone else exists simply to block our way on the road as we makes our plans or cope with your failure and try to find a way ahead.
And we also learn to ignore all the horns blasting around us & concentrate on our destination. In that noise, the wails of life also get lost. In the midst of our self-centred thoughts. we rarely hear the desperate siren of an ambulance trying to find a way through.
In our defence, nobody knows our troubles or what we have been through that day. Not giving way to an ambulance--we may say it was a momentary lapse of judgement because of all the noise going on in our own head. But always remember: those lying in the ambulance would much rather be you after your worst day at work than be transported to hospital.
Time truly is a precious commodity. You will have another shot at work; the one in the ambulance might not.

Give way to ambulances! Always!

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