Sunday, June 8, 2014

What the world needs?

For many a years, mankind has worked towards making human lives better. Different skills were learnt, different practises incorporated, different lifestyles introduced just towards one objective. Improving Human Lives.

This has led to more professionalism, more skilled attributes and a never ending race against time to achieve this single goal.

But at the end of it, turns out all it needs to take improving Human Lives is a little goodness.
Ever experienced any of these?
1.       The goodness to tend a healing touch to the injured
2.       The goodness to assist senior citizens while crossing the road
3.       The goodness to let pedestrians pass
4.       The goodness in understanding that the city roads are shared resources and are to be used responsibly
5.       The goodness in understanding each life is precious and no matter what it cannot be recreated once lost

In this cut-throat competitive world, where the feeling of ‘being all by ourselves’ has become a standard norm, a little ingredient called ‘Goodness’ can bring about a huge change in making the world a better place.
Remember it’s our legacy and it’s our duty to pass it on to the future generations.

And this can only be done by practising it.

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