Tuesday, June 28, 2011

'1298' Women's Helpline- a case study

Sangeeta (name changed) contacted ‘1298’ Women’s Helpline to seek help for her sister who is based out of Surat (Gujarat). Her sister is married over 5 years now and undergoing domestic violence from her husband and in-laws.

Last month when Sangeeta went to meet her sister at her home, she got to know her sister was beaten up by her brother-in-law  for the want of money. Her sister didn’t lodge a police complain thinking that her husband will soon realize his mistake and would change. This ritual continued for long and finally she along with Sangeeta decided to take the necessary action. Sangeeta called ‘1298’ Women’s Helpline to seek help for her sister, the counsellor after understanding the issue referred Sangeeta’s sister to Special Cell for Women as it has  branches across India. Soon the investigation began and now the case is being taken to the court for further action.

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